Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Schoolboy punished for peeping

When Ms Langdon finds out that one of the schoolboys has been spying on the girls in the shower she decides to meter out an appropriately harsh punishment. She concludes that the only way to show the lad the error of his ways is to use him as the subject for her biology class. But this is to be no ordinary lesson. The angry girls are out for revenge and they intend to exact their own form of punishment that will leave him thoroughly humiliated and wishing he'd never set eyes on them.

London geezer Joe

London geezer Joe is as cocky as they come. He works as a banker in The City and is used to being top dog. When he's out he flashes the cash to try and impress the ladies. None of this has any effect on these women, who always get their own way and never take no for an answer. All they want from him is obedience while they slowly strip him off and explore his naked body. They don't care how much he earns, they just want to see how big his dick is and how heavy his balls are.

Tough guy Paul

Tough guy Paul proved to be an interesting challenge to our trainers. Most men quickly conform when in the hands of the demanding women but Paul was different. Not only did he answer back, he refused to follow instructions until they asked nicely! They quickly realised he was goading them and that a firm hand was called for. A few good hard slaps and a kick up the arse soon taught Paul how to be more respectful and servile.

Bully gets his comeupance

Boys will be boys, and in the ultra-competitive environment of St Dunstans rivalries are all too common. Macho Bradley is all too ready to turn to violence to prove his superiority over his classmates, but his actions land him in serious trouble. His worst nightmare comes true as he's stripped completely naked in front of Miss Keen, the nurse and two giggling schoolgirls who gawk openly at his privates. This will be the most painful and humiliating experience of his life...

Mr. Taylor learns a lesson

It's nervous Mr Taylor's first day teaching at the CFNM Academy and he's not sure what to expect. It's standard practice for student teachers to be supervised and Miss Wilde is there to ensure the students get a proper education. When she suggests that he be "helpful" to the girls little does he know what he's letting himself in for. The conniving schoolgirls pounce on the poor man and exploit his inexperience to their full advantage. They are determined to break him in and show him that in this institution, male members of staff work better when they are completely naked.

The Head Boy

Head Boy Shane has been all around the world, his tanned, athletic body honed from tough physical sports. He thinks he's experienced every adrenalin rush there is - surfing, skydiving and bungee jumping. But nothing has prepared him for the intense sensation of being surrounded by smart, confident young women. They know exactly what they want and fully intend to show him he still has a lot to learn. The helpless lad is soon stripped and very much out of his depth.

Detention for bad girls

When hunky rugby player Tom turns up late for detention, the strict Miss West decides he deserves extra punishment. She will not tolerate disobedience especially from a dirty, sweaty boy who hasn't even had the decency to shave! He soon learns an important lesson as the teacher and schoolgirls strip him, slap his penis and testicles with rulers, cane his bare backside and force him onto the floor. This proud, macho lad soon realises that at the CFNM Academy the women are most definitely in charge.

Male anatomy for girls

Lottery winner Steve Curtis is desperate to get his son into the CFNM Academy. So much so that he readily agrees to assist in the teacher’s lesson. After all, how difficult can it be? But this is a male anatomy lesson and the hapless man quickly finds himself stripped of all his clothes and stark naked. Surrounded by giggling and inquisitive schoolgirls and the domineering teacher, every inch of his body is thoroughly scrutinised and played with. The poor fool has no choice but to grin and bear it as his treatment gets ever more humiliating.

Teacher training

Jonathan Wilson is desperate to teach at the CFNM Academy. He knows full well such a position will further his career and mean a much better salary. But he's surprised to learn that these days, the female students are also involved in the interview process. And these girls have very exacting standards. Encouraged by their teacher they perform the most intimate of examinations that leaves the bewildered male teacher completely naked and thoroughly humiliated. Not to mention ending up with a red raw arse...

"Nurse, the screens!"

It's another busy day at St Dunstans and the talk throughout the school is of the boys' yearly medical exams. Like all such establishments, St Dunstans has a responsibility to ensure their students are in top health and they take this very seriously. Jack has been on edge all morning at the thought of it. The idea of having to take his clothes of in front of the pretty young nurse fills him with dread. Little does he know a nasty surprise awaits him in the cold and claustrophobic infirmary. For not only will the nurse get to see him fully naked, but also his teacher and hated classmate - the scheming Megan.